September 5th 2016. Save the date!

August 26th 2016, after many decades, marked the first inaugural climb up to the highest lookout point of the California Lighthouse. Restoration to it’s original glory took 1 year of construction. During a cheerful garthering in the presence of our Honorable Governor Fredis Refunjol, Minister Otmar Oduber, Monumentenbureau, Stichting Monumenten Fonds Aruba, Aruba Bank N.V., Faro Blanco Restaurant and distinguished guests we opened the California Lighthouse Aruba for the first time to the public!



On September 5th 2016 tourists and locals will be able to climb the lighthouse and soak in the best views in #Aruba.
To have this once in a lifetime experience visit the bookings page and get your tickets now.
Included with your entrance ticket is a complete guided tour of the California Lighthouse and discounts at the Faro Blanco Restaurant.

Congratulations to all stakeholders involved and most importantly to the Aruban community and its guests.
We would like to invite everyone to join us and to explore Aruba’s most famous landmark.







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